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Earn rewards when your business or organization refers new customers to us. We have a variety of collaboration and co-marketing strategies to build a successful partnership for your organization.

How It Works
1. Attract new customers by offering them the opportunity to save on home electricity costs.

2. Gain exposure by promoting green energy and partnering with one of the nation’s oldest and most trusted solar energy installers.

3. Earn extra money by referring your customers to us and collecting rewards if they go solar.

4. Enhance your employee benefits package with special solar pricing for your employees at no cost to your organization.

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Start a Solar Community!
Forming a Solar Savings Community is a great way to raise funds for you organization and increase your solar savings at the same time!

Clean solar energy is already less expensive than the electricity from the utility grid, by an average of 15%. Your solar community members will save even more, with discounts of up to 30% on solar energy installations and financing plans.

For each solar community member that goes solar, the group receives a cash reward of up to $500. Schools, churches, charities, clubs, towns and other groups can organize fund-raising drives by offering great deals on solar. If your group doesn’t want to earn revenue, you can increase solar adoption by donating your group rewards to a charity or cause!

You choose how much of the solar benefits go to your members, and what share goes to the organization.